About Us

Years 2008 and 2009 was the toughest years for Jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers in last decades.

Many factories have closed during that period.Therefore,there was  a lack of reliable producers who can provide quality merchandise and who has an international market knowledge and who can constantly develop new designs.

It was then 3 partners have decided  to establish FMB Jewellery as a production and export company in 2009 .During this succesfull 7 years under FMB Jewellery brand has been listed one of the top exporters of Turkey.

By 2015 the partners have split up to serve theirs customers better and to develop better solutions for different market needs. Fahri and Bahri YILDIRIM carried on under their new brands F&B Jewellery Inc and  FABOR Jewellery Limited with 3 production unit and 2 marketing company.

Those 3 production units produce casting,stamping,tube and hollow items.We also develop 100 new designs every month with our 4  skillfull designers.

The group is also ,one of the major importers and distrubuters of Italian findings in Turkey.

Besides regular customer visits and market researches throughout 4 continets, F&B Jewellery  and Fabor Jewellery exhibit in following international shoes.

Vicenza January ,Vicenza september
Hong Kong March,Hong Kong June,Hong Kong september,
Istanbul March,Istanbul October,
Vicenza Oro Dubai shows and JCK las vegas shows

With 75 skillfull workers in production and also 25 professionals in marketing team F&B Jewellery Inc. and Fabor Jewellery Limited constantly producing new models for different market needs and also developping solutions based on each customer and exporting to over 40 different countries.